*From:* Mark Landler <xxx@nytimes.com>
*Date:* February 4, 2017 at 2:27:47 PM EST
*To:* xxx@whpoolreports.com
*Subject:* *WH Travel Pool Report #5*


Back to Mar-a-Lago

At 2:05, four-and-a-half hours after arriving, President Trump's
motorcade left the Trump International Golf Club, bound for his  club.


We passed the Palm Beach International Airport, where Air Force One
shimmered in the distance, crossed the Intracoastal waterway to Palm
Beach Island, and pulled up to the estate's gates at 2:13.

The motorcade pulled into the club and the press vans turned around
and crossed back over to West Palm Beach, delayed briefly by a raised

At this hour, pool still does not have the names of POTUS' golf
partners (if he played golf) or the details of his activities at the
golf club.


We have been given a lid until the early evening, when pool is
expected to reassemble for a spray at the 60th annual Red Cross gala,
which the President and First Lady will attend.

Mark Landler
NY Times




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