*From:* Franco Ordonez <xxx@mcclatchydc.com> *Date:* March 19, 2017 at 12:35:56 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Out-of-Town Pool Report #3*


At 12:10, the motorcade pulled out of Trump International Golf Club and headed back toward Mar-a-Lago. It's currently 73 degrees and sunny out.
Several drivers stopped at an intersection along Southern Boulevard near the airport, had their windows down and phones out to take photos/video of the motorcade as it passed by.
Another group of more than a dozen vehicles stopped on the side of the road by the airport, got out of their vehicles and lined an airport fence to take photos of Air Force One which was parked near the fence.
The motorcade then stopped briefly on the bridge over the Lake Worth Lagoon near Mar-a-Lago where a dozen or so supporters had congregated. It's unclear whether POTUS made contact with the supporters. Your pooler, along with other reporters/photographers, jumped out to try and find out, but was quickly told to get back in the vans. Will update if get more info.
The supporters waved US flags, Trump/Pence flags. Many had "Make America Great" hats on. Some held signs that read: ""Trump strong" "Welcome Home President Trump"
At 12:21, the POTUS half of the motorcade pulled in to Mar-a-Lago and the press vans headed toward the hotel.
A lunch lid was calleduntil 2:30

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