*From:* "Portnoy, Jenna" <xxx@washpost.com> *Date:* March 4, 2017 at 2:21:06 PM EST
*Subject:* *Print travel pool report #4*


Pool loaded into the vans at 1:05 pm outside the library. In a caravan, the three vans crossed the street to the golf club, looped through a driveway there and returned to the library parking lot. We held there for a few minutes, joined the very rear of the motorcade, lights flashing, and drove east.

The motorcade stopped briefly on Royal Palm Way where a group of about 100 supporters gathered on a grassy area for an elaborate display. They cheered, waved flags and held up signs. A few of of the signs read, "Donald J. Trump - Making America Great Again" and another read, "Investigate Obama's Secret Coup - Expel Schumer." A vehicle featured a digital screen with an image of POTUS and red, white and blue flashing lights.


The motorcade then entered Mar-a-Lago where the pool held in vans in the parking lot for a few minutes. The vans returned to pool's hotel. We have a lid until 4 pm.

Jenna Portnoy
The Washington Post

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