*From:* "Feldmann, Linda" <xxx@csps.com>
*Date:* August 25, 2018 at 15:11:18 EDT
*Subject:**In-town pool #3 - departing Sterling*

Pool vans repositioned outside entrance to Trump National Golf Club around 2 pm, and POTUS motorcade exited the club at 3:08 pm.
Seven people stood by entrance to club holding signs: Fake President #Mafia and Traitor plus a big orange sign that says Cage Trump. Someone held a helium balloon of baby Trump.
Re-formed motorcade now rolling. We just passed a guy with a banner of trumps face and the words Thank You.

I asked press office what POTUS did at the club or who he played or hung out with. Response was, well let you know if theres anything to report.
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