*From:* "Stokols, Eli" <xxx@latimes.com>
*Date:* August 11, 2018 at 4:15:07 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Pool report #7 another photo op*

Pool vans did not depart in fact Bedminster after the exchange in the ballroom. Fifteen minutes after being hustled into vans, having not gone anywhere, we were brought back outside to the front of the residence where bikers were positioned in a light rain, awaiting another photo op with POTUS.
At 4pm, Eye of the Tiger began to play but it was abruptly cut off and replaced with God bless the USA, which was playing as POTUS came out the front door. Stepping out from under the portico, POTUS in a suit and no ball cap shook a few hands and then brought a few bikers back under the portico for a photo.
A biker took a microphone and asked everyone to stand even the press and then led a recitation of the pledge of allegiance, punctuated by chants of USA! and Four more years!
POTUS spoke quietly to the bikers, but we couldnt hear anything but thank you very much.
As Trump gave a thumbs up and posed for photos, the bikers engines revved to life.
Then the Stones You cant always get what you want played because of course. And there was more waving and engine revving.
Trump waved at the press, gathered across the driveway some 50 feet away. He did not come over or take questions, but continued to pose for selfies with the bikers under the portico.
With horns honking over the engines and the Stones, POTUS went back inside through the main door at 4:11.
We are getting back in the vans and about to be departing Bedminster, along with the bikers.

Eli Stokols LA Times, Washington Bureau 303-xxx-xxxx (c)

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