*From:* Katie Rogers <xxx@nytimes.com>
*Date:* July 15, 2018 at 16:08:13 GMT+1
*Subject:**Travel pool #3: Wheels up for Helsinki*


POTUS/FLOTUS boarded AF1 in the rain. FLOTUS, in a light blue or grey jacket, brown flats, brown pants, brown purse, ducked as she entered the plane. Pool was not in place to shout any questions.
But Annie Karni caught John Bolton. She asked how Putin meeting prep went. He said fine, thanks before boarding.
Color from Annie: Along the drive to the airport, we spotted just four signs protesting trump among the small smattering of people who came out to watch the motorcade in the rain. The signs read: Trump is vile and evil. Trump is a racist. Pussygrabber in chief. And trump is a spoiled baby.
Bill Shine, Stephen Miller were among other aides boarding.
You pooler spotted a POTUS golf bag being loaded onto AF1: red white and blue with presidential seal and DONALD TRUMP in block letters. Gold tag attached reads DONALD TRUMP.
AF1 was wheels up around 4:08. --
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