*From:* "Rogers, Katie" <xxx@nytimes.com>
*Date:* July 15, 2018 at 2:52:05 PM GMT+1
*Subject:* *Travel #1a: Paraglider status and Turnberry color while we wait*

Update on one of the many spectacles reported in Scotland this weekend: Several Scottish police officers assembled here told your pooler that the protester who flew a paragliding contraption yards away from POTUS after his arrival here on Friday has been captured and will have his day in court tomorrow.

Some color from an event space in Turnberry, which is detached from the main hotel building, where your pool was being swept around 2:30 pm. A trio of cheery Turnberry employees dressed in grey and blue kilts greeted your pool as we were brought inside.
The space is filled with gold-colored plastic chairs with ivory cushions.
Your pooler photographed a menu on the way in, apologies to an official who told her not to as she did so. Afternoon tea is 30 GBP per person and served from 12 to 4. For an extra 10 GBP, guests may have their tea accompanied with Trump Ros or sparkling wine. Other options include prawn salad with mango (16 GBP) and gluten free chocolate avocado cake (6.5 GBP). No sign of POTUS favorites like steak.
You can smell the sea salt and algae in the air here, as we are a few hundred yards away from shore. It appears that POTUS missed the rain that began falling around 2 pm when he golfed this morning. The sea and the sky are two different shades of grey: dove and slate.
Tara McKelvey of the BBC sends along this color too:The bar has bottles of Bacardi and Tanqueray, and there are silver buckets lined up on a wall nearby. Men are walking with their golf clubs near the sea - with gulls flying near them.
An officer in a light green jacket is walking through a field of tall dried grass.

No sounds or sights of any sort of protests from where we are.
As your pool was being ushered out of the building, the POTUS account began retweeting a flurry of MS-13-related content shared by the WH social media director.
Still holding as we wait to roll w/ POTUS/FLOTUS.
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