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Hi all,

Some color and quotes from this morning's event. As always, please check against the transcript.

President Trump in the East room, flanked by approximately 52 veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project:

Called themthe Proud beating heart of our magnificent nation." And said, "This is not a stage of those whogavein...they dont know what those words mean. They are winners.

Askedmembers of his cabinet to stand: Zinke, DeVos, and acting VA Sec. Robert Wilkie who is doing a great job at the VA," and McMahon...Trump said when ever he is asked who is the best member of his cabinet, Always right near the top is Linda McMahon. He asked members of Congress who werepresent to stand, and told theveterans of lawmakers: You fought for them, they fight for you.

Said today marks the 4thanniversary of the Phoenix VA scandal..."Must make sure this kind of tragedy never happens again."

Said the administration is fighting for "choice" for veteran care. "So happy with accountability...Theres no more waiting in line for 12 weeks."

Touted the$716 billion dollars for defense budget. Number one on our list...even though we had to approve a couple ofthings that we were not happy with, because of some folks who are not friendly to our military."

He then askedDan Nevins, Staff Sergeant, United States Army (Ret.), to give remarks and called him a "great golfer." Nevins recalls playing at a Wounded Warriors event at a Trump golf property.Michael Linnington, CEO, The Wounded Warrior Project, also gave remarks.

Trump then invited members of Congress on stage to say a few works, and Senator Cassidy of Louisianagave brief, seemingly unprepared remarks.

The president then turned around to face the veterans and applaud them. He shook several hands and exited the event at 11:24 am.

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