*From:* Marisa Schultz <xxx@nypost.com>
*Date:* April 23, 2018 at 8:21:37 PM EDT
*Subject:**Mount Vernon pool report #2*

Mount Vernon pool report #2

Following a closed press dinner at Mt Vernon, the Trumps and Macrons traveled in golf carts from Washingtons mansion down the pathway toward Marine One.

The two presidents were in one cart, followed by FLOTUS and Mrs. Macron.

Asked how the dinner was, Trump said a few positive words. It sounded likereally fantastic.

Radio pool caught Trump saying:We had a great dinner.

The rest was inaudible, but Im hoping the TV mics picked up more sound over the helicopter noises.

The Trumps and Macrons stopped and posed for pictures together one last time before departure.

Marine One lifted off at 8:12 pm

The smaller helicopter that looks similar to Marine One then followed. The final departures were the two larger ospreys.

Handing off to WH in-town pool.

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