*From:* Marisa Schultz <xxx@nypost.com>
*Date:* April 23, 2018 at 6:39:08 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Mount Vernon pool report #1*

Mount Vernon pool report #1

No news.

One large helicopter landed on a large grassy area at Mount Vernon at 5:52 pm. It was followed by a second helicopter landing at 5:54 pm- directly behind the first. Aides, some carrying luggage, departed. Then a third smaller helicopter landed at 6:04 pm in front of the two previous helicopters, with more staff.

Finally, at 6:06 pm Marine One made its windy landing on the grass- in front of all three choppers.

The Trumps and Macrons departed at 6:09 pm.

Trump first with a salute, followed by Macron, who nodded to the uniformed military. Trump and Macron gave each other a side hug at the foot of Marine One.

Mrs. Macron departed, then FLOTUS. The french couple walked and held hands across the grass. The Trumps followed and then also held hands. They waved to the press.

The foursomethen walked down a wooden set of stairs and through an open gate toward Washingtons mansion.

The Trumps and Macrons paused on the gravel pathway to stop for pictures. They were chatty, but their comments were inaudible.

They were greeted by a man and woman, who led them on a tour. Welcome to mount Vernon the gentleman said. Trump said Thank you very much.

The couples took golf carts to the Mansion entrance and were led on a tour outside with the man and woman. The man was pointing areas out to the two presidents. They were chatting for several minutes - inaudible.Trump was animated with lots of hand gestures.

The foursome then paused for more pictures at the steps outside of the mansion and went inside at 6:20 pm .

The couples emerged at the back Veranda overlooking the Potomac River. String music was playing on the porch. The foursome talked some more to the greeters and went back inside the mansion at 6:23 pm between french and US flags.

Greeters have now been identified as Doug Bradburn, president and CEO of Mt Vernon and Sarah Miller Coulson, regent of the Mt Vernons Ladies Assocation.

We are holding now.

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