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*Date:* March 3, 2018 at 11:37:55 AM EST
*Subject:**WH Travel Pool Report 3*

Pool loaded back into the press vans and joined the motorcade that emerged from the Trump International Golf Club across the street from the library where we had spent the morning.

Pool did ask the White House what the president was doing at his golf course and with whom he was doing it but received no reply.

The motorcade traveled back past the interstate, the airport, across the Intracoastal and returned to Mar-a-Lago at 1131.

A pool photographer captured an image showing Trump wearing a white golf shirt and red ball cap as the press vans proceeded to a parking lot on the property.

The return drive again followed traffic rules (mostly) and did not involve road closures. Small bands of Trump supporters had gathered across from the golf course entrance and along the route (judging from their signs, they were some who had been out yesterday for Trumps arrival). Pool did not notice any protesters along the way. The public schedule released by the White shows that POTUS is scheduled to deliver remarks at a Trump Victory reception at 1315.

Trump Victory is a joint fundraising committee benefiting Trumps 2010 presidential campaign and the Republican Party.

As noted yesterday, Mar-a-Lago is a private resort, also owned by Trump, which charges $200,000 initiation fees to join. Rental fees paid to Mar-a-Lago by the committee benefit the president personally.


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