*From:* SV Date <xxx@huffpost.com> *Date:* March 2, 2018 at 3:24:57 PM EST
*Subject:* *WH Travel Pool Report 7*

Air Force landed at PBIA in West Palm Beach at 1508. It is warm and the wind is not howling.

The flight was uneventful, apart from a somewhat bumpy ascent. We had no senior staff briefing or presidential visit.

The president came down the stairs an actual staircase this time, rolled up to the forward door on the passenger deck sans overcoat, hand-in-hand with Melania.

He entered his limo and the motorcade was on the move toward Mar-a-Lago at 1620.

Co-pooler Lorraine Woellert spotted Rudy Giuliani get aboard AF1 for the flight from Charlotte.

A reminder that Mar-a-Lago is Trumps private, for-profit resort with a six-figure initiation fee. Tonight it is hosting an RNC fundraiser, the rental fees from which will profit the president personally. The fundraiser at this writing remains closed press.


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