*From:* SV Date <xxx@huffpost.com> *Date:* February 10, 2018 at 8:09:10 PM EST
*Subject:* *WH Pool Report 5*

At 2004 our press vans came to a halt following an extremely brief, four-block, 4-minute motorcade ride. No protesters were visible, while some curious onlookers were gathered at the police barricades on the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue.

If you picked Trump International Hotel, a few blocks from the White House, as our destination in your office pool, you have won.

POTUS and FLOTUS were seen by fellow Pool members entering the establishment.

Pool is now moving across the street to a holding area that is, blessedly, not the press vans.

Trump International, for the record, is a commercial enterprise, from which the president personally profits.

And while the press pool still cameras and videographers are being excluded from this outing, any number of paying customers at this establishment are likely taking photos and video and posting them to social media, if people are interested in looking.


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