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*Date:* December 29, 2017 at 1:43:29 PM EST
*Subject:* *Travel Pool #4b - More from Coast Guard photo-op / Departure*

Again, please check against the transcript sound was hard to hear over the waterfall. Thank you for your patience.

The scramble started a few minutes ago, with a cannon going off, per WH staff. Your pool passed club members who were finishing their rounds of golf before the scramble began.

Gene Gibson is the commanding officer at Coast Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet. Many of the service members were from that station, and the president handed out at least one challenge coin, per pool photographers. It doesnt appear to be the new one.

The president:

Would a couple of people like to play golf? And I had about (intelligible people) raise their hands.well have a little tournamentwell have a determination to see who the best player is.

The media is terrific. Any sports media there? I know youre not sports media. Any sports media? Theyre going to have a little Coast Guard challenge. So enjoy the course. One of the great courses in the world, as you know.

Seventeenth hole, I think all of you were watching my shot, right? (Scattered laughter).Dont say I took a triple bogey when I actually got a birdie. (More laughter).

Its an honor to have youthe job you did in Florida, and frankly, in Texasthe job you did in Texas. 16,000 lives. Its unheard of.

(Unintelligible remarks)

Thank you everybody. Thank you very much.

Your pool joined the motorcade at 1:41 p.m. and is rolling.

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