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Good morning from the press hold at the Marriot in Bridgewater. Lindsey Walters, the White House spokeswoman, came down to briefly speak with reporters.

Weve received several questions on who the president spoke to yesterday before his notes. The president and chief of staff Kelly are and have been in constant contact with members of the NSC team And additionally the president did receive his daily intelligence briefing this morning.

She clarified that statement refers to the information he had before speaking about the North Korean nuclear threat but did not say who specifically he spoke with beyond Kelly.

She said H.R. McMaster would be arriving in Bedminster later this week and that Rick Waddell is the NSC staff on the ground in the meantime. Vice President pence will arrive tomorrow.

President Trump has no public events scheduled for today and Walters would not reveal what he was doing, who he will be with or what he may be speaking about today. She declined to say whether he is golfing and said she may get back to the pool with a statement on North Koreas threats to Guam.

Asked about President Trumps tweets this morning related to the nuclear arsenal, she pointed to an executive order he signed early in his term but did not have additional background on upgrades to the arsenal itself.

The pool has asked for a North Korea briefing but no updates on that front.

A lunch lid has been called until 6 p.m.


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