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*Subject:* *[WHCA Print] [WH Pool] Pool report #2*

Your pool arrived at the golf course at about 2 p.m. and is waiting in the clubhouse event space until we are moved for the pool spray, which is expected to happen at 3 p.m.
Color from the Bedminster ground from your supplemental pooler Jenna Johnson:

The golf club is located off a rural, two-land road that was dotted with "road closed" signs closing off side streets -- it's a turn that you could easily miss if you're not carefully watching for the stone sign and guard house. As we approached, we didn't see any protesters or supporters.

Insideon Tuesday afternoon [ x-apple-data-detectors://0 ], golfers and golf carts zoomed around the sprawling greens. The sun peeked through the cloud-filled sky and the temperature hovered in the mid-70s.

The brick clubhouse with grand columns is located high on a hill with views of the course and the wooded rolling hills in the distance. The parking lot was packedTuesday afternoon [ x-apple-data-detectors://1 ]with numerous luxury cars and a few pick-up trucks, nearly all with Garden State plates. The pool was led through a side door of the clubhouse, past a windowed sunroom that appeared set up for a formal event. Handlers hurried along journalists who tried to take photos and video of the inside of the private club.

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