*From:* "Johnson, Jenna" <xxx@washpost.com> *Date:* August 8, 2017 at 4:14:40 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Pool Report #3D*

We have received a few questions about the sequence of events this afternoon -- in particular, the president's comments about the opioid crisis came BEFORE his comments about North Korea.

Here's the quick tick-tock:

At 3:10pm, your pool was led from the lavish event space and through a bar decorated with photos of Trump and magazines covers featuring his face.The pool was then led down a hallway and into a side room with windows facing the front drive.We were in the room for about four minutes. Everyone was seatedaround a table in the center of the room and appeared to have been there for a little bit, as many water glasses were half-finished.

Trump first delivered a statement about the opioid crisis, mostlyreading from a piece of paper andsitting with both elbows on the table.Trumpmostly looked down as he spoke. Whenever he looked up, cameras loudly clicked.

When he was finished, areporter asked himabout North Korea. Trump sat back in his seat, arms folded and looked straight into the cameras as he made his comment about North Korea, the fire and the fury. The pool was then led out of the room.

Description of the room if needed:The room is painted dark gray and decorated with two lavish chandeliers, trophies, books and large wooden plaques containing golf club winners in categories like "holes in one."Directly across from him was Kushner and a large flat-screen TV, which was not turned on.

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