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A bumpy wheels down in Huntington at 6:11 p,m.

Greeters on the tarmac included

Linda McCarthy, WV State Executive Committee member

John Deptuch Navy Veteran and local GOP volunteer

His Wife Faye Deptuch

John Buckland, founder of "heroes for hire"

During the flight, Lindsay Walters gaggled for about 9 minutes. No major headlines, but she addressed the West Wing renovations, decried the leaks of the transcripts of POTUSs conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia and referred Mueller questions to outside counsel.

Walters started off by referencing Steven Millers portion of Thursdays briefing.

Sorry to disappiont, but today is not going to be nearly as lively as yesterday was, she said.

After introductory remarks on economic growth and keeping promises to American heroes, she turned to planned reonovations to the West Wing.

Beginning Friday, all staff will be rellocated to the EEOB to accomodate necessary renovations to the West Wing. These renovation plans have been approved by the previous administration following the completion of the Phase One but were never actually initatived.

HVAC system is 27 years old, but due to 24-7, 365-day usage the estimated age based on usage is 81 years

The South Portico steps on the South Lawn will be repaired. They havent been restored in 64 years.

In addition, they will renovate the Navy mess kitchen, the West Wing lower lobby and the IT system and generic cosmetic upgrades.


Q: Where wil the president be working?

Will take off to Bedminster on Friday for a working vacation.

As I mentioned, with the HVAC system being replaced, that means that the West Wing will be without air conditioning for the next two weeks, which is why the staff and the president is moving out, becasue I dont think any of you would like to be in the West Wing on an August DC summer day when its over 100 degrees with no air conditioning.

Q: Going to WV today. Opiiod commission recommended declaring a crisis. Will he be making a recommendation?

I dont want to get ahead of what the presidents announcement will be tonight. This week the opiod commision did submit their interim report. As you know, this is an issue that is very important to the president, something that he discussed on the campaign trail and has continued throughout his administration to advocate for as its plaguing many of the states across our country.

Q: Timeline for announcement of head of Mine Safety and health administration?

We dont have any personnel announcement at this time.

Q: Regulations and rise in coal worker injuries.

A: The regulations that the presidents doing are to help create jobs. Hes not lowering any safety regulations. Safety is still at top priority. But as the president said, we need to create jobs, we need to bring jobs back to our shores.

Nothing he is doing is cutting back on the safety. Safety is a top priority, but our main focus is on creating and growing jobs in these communities that rely on the coaling industry as a main source of income.

Q: WaPo transcripts:

A: Im not going to comment on leaked you know calls. I said before, this isIts a national security matter when phone call transcripts are being leaked out. It prevents the president from being able to do you know what he does best, and negotiate with foreign leaders. What I can tell you regarding the border wall is that the president spoke about this on the campaign, continues to echo it now, and having a secure border is [uninteligable] to the safety of our country and that is something that he had promised his supporters and has continued to focus on is making sure that we have a secure border.

Q: New Hampshire Apology?

A: He was talking about the opioid epidemic up there which has affected a lot of lives in New Hampshire. I can tell you that that is an important focus of his.

Q: He referred to it as a drug infested den

A: Again, this is a conversation that was leaked out. I am not going get into commenting on that conversation. I can just echo the fact that combatting the drug abuse, and substance and opioid is important to the president.

Q: So no apology?

A: I an not going to comment any further.

Q: Does POTUS intend to act on opioid commission report?

A: Let me check back with you regarding what next steps are.

Q: How did the transcripts get out?

A: I am not going to get into leaked conversations, but I can tell you is that its damaging to our national security and its something that we take very seriously.

We need to end these leaks and its not beneficial to anyone to be having documents being leaked out.

Q: Is that being investigated then?

A: Ill get back to you.

Q: Whats the Big announcement?

A: If it did that it wouldnt be the surprise he was talking about earlier.

Q: Comment on legislation to protect Mueller?

A: Let me look into that. I can refer you to Ty Cobb, but I will get back to you on that.

Q: Why is POTUS taking a vacation after calling on Congress to stay, criticizing Obama for vacations?

A: As I said, the presidents going to continue to work. We all need to be relocated out of the West Wing due to these renovations that should have taken place before and were at a position where were now in a dire need and they either need to be repaired or replaced. And its not something that can go on while were still occupying the West Wing. So the President will continue to work over the next two weeks.

An addition to the previous report: Also on the plane were Joe Hagin and Steven Miller

Big thanks to Zeke Miller for help with the gaggle notes and other tidbits

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