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When pool entered the tennis clubhouse CNN was on four screens reading: "NOONAN: Trump is "weak and sniveling"" until your pooler took a picture (on my Twitter and Instagram @mattlaslo) and then a staffer dutifully changed three of the TV's to tennis and one to an infomercial on a really nifty skillet thingy that cooks steaks perfectly in under 5 minutes and comes with a bonus griddle!
No word on whether POTUS golfed at his golf course on a beautiful day to golf at any golf course, let alone the Trump National Golf Club, which we hear is really one of the greatest golf courses in the world.
Pool was provided sandwiches, chips, sodas and Trump Natural Spring Water - "Water for the Body and Soul." Unclear on whether tax dollars were used to reimburse Trump enterprises for the spread.
Alas, the weather is perfect and the pool was locked inside all day - we're here for you: "It's so nice out," one cameraman lamented. "It's so depressing."
No POTUS siting.
Motorcade rolling at 2:17.
h/t*@markknoller:*"By my count, it's his 36th visit to one of his golf clubs, 15th time at the one in Sterling, VA - since taking office."
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