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Gorgeous Sunday morning with the sun gently smiling on the White House as dragon flies and birdies fluttered about the grounds. "It's gorgeous," one cameraman exclaimed. "Sun shining. No humidity. Perfect day."
Secret Service detail mostly rocking khaki and polos, though one in all black fatigues decided it was a good morning to detail the back of the black government Chevy he rides.
Motorcade - no Beast today, just all black SUV's - started rolling at 9:02am, accompanied by a Virginia state trooper, no motorcycles. POTUS spotted in a red, which we believe to be #MAGA, cap and white polo shirt.
The 21 car motorcade drove past people kayaking, walking their dogs, jogging and biking - as well as the unfinished Silver Line. Blew through tollbooth at 9:20 and another around 9:30, and don't believe our van had an E-Z Pass - unclear if POTUS' vehicle had one or not. Stopped at three red lights along the way.
At 9:06 we entered Virginia and were reminded the state is strictly for lovers.
Motorcade entered Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia - though the sign falsely reads Washington, DC - at 9:38am. No further POTUS sitings.
Pool holding by the tennis courts.
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