*From:* Louise Radnofsky <xxx@wsj.com> *Date:* July 16, 2017 at 4:23:13 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Bedminster pool report 7: protesters disperse*

POTUS came to the edge of the transparent viewing box at 4.05pm, and looked out on supporters and the four Ultra Violet protesters, who by this point were no longer being blocked by security staff. If he saw them, he didn't acknowledge them. Protesters and supporters of the president continued to co-exist relatively peacefully, with only occasional jibes and attempts by people wearing Trump hats to photobomb them, which protesters didn't oppose.
At 4:12pm, after a genial conversation with the chief detective of Somerset County about their plans, protesters left the area neat the president's box and went to buy ice cream from a concession stand near the exit. Police officers kept an eye on them from a distance -- apparently for their own wellbeing as much as anything else.
Since they've been gone, the president has come back to wave and engage with supporters again. --
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