*From:* Andrew Restuccia <xxx@politico.com> *Date:* July 16, 2017 at 3:20:49 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Bedminster 7/16 Pool report #6*

Four protesters wearing purple t-shirts that say "USGA: Dump Sexist Trump" are standing outside the viewing area staring in silence at the president.

The protesters appear to be associated with the group UltraViolet, as it says that on their shirts.

Several police officers are standing next to them. But as of now, they are not being removed.

Event staff checked their tickets. All four of the protesters have tickets.

The president waved at the crowd and mimed a golf swing, but didn't seem to acknowledge the protesters. I'll tweet a photo of the protesters (@AndrewRestuccia)

Some members of the crowd gently heckled the protesters. But for the most part, everybody was polite.

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