*From:* Louise Radnofsky <xxx@wsj.com> *Date:* July 15, 2017 at 4:26:17 PM EDT
*Subject:* *NJ pool report 5: more golf miscellany, one airspace note*

We're still watching the president watch golf from a screen inside his viewing box, sometimes stopping to come back to the window to wave.
Small item of note: the location of the president's box has set up a somewhat odd situation where people watching him have their backs to play around the 15th hole. As Andrew said, sometimes their excitement has created noise that's irked fans, who note things like "Quiet! Jesus, we're on a golf course."
And while many people have been excited to stop and look for the red hat, a few have also made clear they're angry. One woman stomped by saying she wanted to lift a finger at the box. Supplemental pool caught up with her and she said she was here to support women's golf and was angry that the president was here. She declined to give her name.
It is also fair to say that while the president's box appears to have an excellent view of the 15th hole, the president has not turned to watch play directly, preferring instead to focus on the televised game.
That was also true when competitor Lexi Thompson, who as noted in yesterday's pool report has played with the president in Florida, was playing at the 15th hole.
Noting: Around 3.40pm photographers spotted what appeared to be activity over the golf course from a helicopter, a small plane and a fighter jet. As of 4.20pm, only the small plane is still going around. The tail number on the small plane has been tracked to Fox Sports, which owns the broadcast rights to the tournament. It appears as if the initial activity was to check out the small plane. --
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