*From:* Andrew Restuccia <xxx@politico.com> *Date:* July 15, 2017 at 3:50:49 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Bedminster pool report #4*

POTUS is still sitting in the glass-enclosed viewing area at his golf course. A crowd continues to watch as he interacts with the guests inside the enclosure. Your pooler cannot hear what the president is saying, but we will continue to watch him through the glass until he departs.

I tweeted out a photograph of the glass enclosure for your reference (@AndrewRestuccia). If you're having trouble picturing it, imagine a giant fish tank.

I'll only send additional updates if something notable happens.

A few other observations:

- POTUS came to the edge of the glass several times to wave, clap and mouth "thank you" to the crowd.

- Several people popped into the enclosure to say hello, but the White House has not provided a list of his guests.

- One onlooker got emotional when she spotted the president, wiping away tears from her eyes.

- Eric Trump and Lara Trump are in the enclosure as well.

- It appears that POTUS was snacking on French fries with ketchup. But your pooler can't be 100 percent sure.

- The crowd gawking at the president appears to have annoyed some volunteers and avid golf fans, who have repeatedly shushed those who are talking too loudly. The U.S. Women's Open continues to take place right next to the enclosure with the president.

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