*From:* Andrew Restuccia <xxx@politico.com> *Date:* July 15, 2017 at 2:35:42 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Bedminster pool report #2 / POTUS arrives *

POTUS arrived at the golf course at 2:29 pm in a black SUV. He was wearing a suit with a white dress shirt and no tie, along with a red "Make America Great Again" hat.

He appeared to ask the crowd how the gold course is, though your pooler couldn't make out exactly what he said. Guests responded, "good!"

People yelled, "I love you!" as he entered a glass-enclosed viewing area near the 15th hole. The president waved.

It's a beautiful day in Bedminster -- a welcome change from yesterday's rain. Hundreds of people are milling about, watching the U.S. Women's Open golf tournament. Earlier this afternoon , several guests were heard wondering aloud when the the president might arrive.

Guests crowded onto the clubhouse balcony, where it appears that staff are grilling for those allowed into the clubhouse (reporters are not permitted there).

The White House has not provided any details on the president's plans for the rest of the day, nor have they provided a list of his golf-watching partners. There area out a dozen people in the glass viewing booth with POTUS

POTUS tweeted several times this morning. One of the tweets touted this weekend's golf tournament. It was at least the third time he promoted the tournament on Twitter.

Dan Scavino was spotted earlier in the glass viewing stand next to the 15th hole.

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