*From:* "Gillman, Todd" <xxx@dallasnews.com>
*Date:* December 8, 2017 at 11:52:07 PM EST
*Subject:* *Travel pool #10/Lid in Florida*

The president deplaned at 11:34 pm and gave a quick wave to the pool before boarding an SUV. Motorcade rolled a few minutes later. Press vans followed into Mar-a-Lago and then headed for press hotel back near the airport.
The weather in West Palm Beach is balmy. We passed some onlookers at the Public supermarket. One guy waving a big Trump banner and then a group of maybe a dozen apparent supporters hooted and hend signs such as Latinos for Trump at the bridge to Palm Beach.

Pool departed MAL at 11:50 under a very pretty moon. Top half or so obscured by clouds.
Good evening. That will be all for tonight.

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